Platform for the most demanding
EXP ASSET Ltd. is a team of professional managers, traders and analysts dealing with capital markets, cryptocurrencies, alternative investments, IT start-ups and also with educational activity in the abovementioned fields.

The company is registered in the United Kingdom, with share capital of GBP 250 000.
Patryk Krupiński received his education in Luxembourg, Europe's leading country in banking and financial sector. After turning 16 he started exploring the secrets of securities trading. Upon reaching age of majority, he began to actively participate in financial markets, where he was achieving - and still is - a lot of successes.

Patryk had an opportunity to learn from the elite of German traders, who are seen as authorities of stock markets. Afterwards he worked in Poland for HFT Brokers as a trader.

Now he is a speculatively-oriented, professional trader, active mainly in the field of portfolio management. Patryk’s specializations are market mechanics, technical analysis and trading systems.
EXP ASSET Ltd. is a company managing an educational Internet Platform focused on:

investing in capital and currency markets
investing in cryptocurrency markets
invsting in IT start-ups
cryptocurrency markets arbitrage

EXP ASSET Ltd. delivers unique tools and training programs which support active trading on capital and currency markets.
EXP ASSEToffers its users a 120-day, paid access to its training platform by a way of special, variably priced Premium plans, which allow users to buy products and services offered by EXP ASSET.

Each settlement between users and EXP ASSET Ltd. (purchasing products and services provided by EXP ASSET platform, but also payments of financial profits, bonuses and commissions) is made with BITCOIN cryptocurrency.

EXP ASSET Ltd. Premium offers users a chance to gain financial profits which depend on profits generated by EXP ASSET Ltd.

Bonuses are calculated on a daily basis, once a day, each working day (Monday to Friday) according to percentage charge (0,5 - 1,5%), depended on profits gained by EXP ASSET Ltd. When the Premium plan expires, users lose the chance of getting bonuses.
Plan User gains: Price of plan Examples of calculations
Premium 1 • Access to Live Trading Room* Platform 100 - 499$ SEE EXAMPLE
Premium 2 • Access to Live Trading Room* Platform
• 1 Trade Idea** daily**
500 - 999$ SEE EXAMPLE
Premium 3 • Access to Live Trading Room* Platform
• 1 Trade Idea** daily**
• learning package - webinars
1000 - 4999$ SEE EXAMPLE
Premium 4 • Access to Live Trading Room* Platform
• 1 Trade Idea** daily**
• learning package - webinars
• TRADING CAMP*** paticipation pass once a year
5000 - 999 999$ SEE EXAMPLE
Premium 5 • Access to Live Trading Room* Platform
• 1 Trade Idea** daily**
• learning package - webinars
• TRADING CAMP*** paticipation pass once a year.
more than 1mln $ INDIVIDUAL
* Live Trading Room - office where traders trade on the financial markets. A chance to observe transactions made by EXP ASSET Ltd. traders live.
** Trade Idea - daily publication of possible scenarios for a given currency pair, index or commodity.
*** TRADING CAMP - a foreign trip-training camp lead by EXP ASSET Ltd. Traders.
By purchasing a Premium plan, each user can join an awesome partnership program targeted towards promotion and distribution of products and services offered by the Platform. Partnership program is based on a "binary" MLM system and an extra bonus called "Direct Bonus". Details are described in the marketing plan.
  1. Each EXP ASSET Platform user is authorized to recruit other users to support distribution of EXP ASSET products and services.

  2. For managing the sales structure and taking care of recruited members both the patron and the new user will receive a bonus related to the revenue generated by the sales structure, according to the MARKETING PLAN.

  3. Commissions are calculated according to the point revenue and paid as 10% of the revenue difference between weaker and stronger group.

  4. Commissions are paid from the so called "weak group".

  5. Only qualified persons are authorized to collect commission (Qualification - 2 active persons, one in each group)

  6. All marketing plan commissions are paid within 24 hours.
pv - EXP ASSET's internal unit of account
1pv = 1$
Left group revenue 1000$

10% x 1000pv = 100$
Right group revenue 1500$

After calculating the difference between the left and right group, the right group is left with 500pv and the left group with 0pv.
Additional bonus for active users with a Premium Plan of min. $ 1000, will be the DIRECT BONUS. This premium is credited in pv points from each personally invited partner who purchased any startup plan.

DIRECT BONUS premium is 8% from each purchased plan by a direct partner.

1000$ * 8% = 80 pv
Our main goal is to create a universal platform dedicated to individual investors.

Among project currently undertaken by EXP ASSET Ltd. there are:
  • EXP ASSET platform launch and maintenance
  • opening a Polish office and Trading Room in Warsaw
  • cooperation with top Polish and foreign traders (traders cooperating with EXP ASSET Ltd. form a team of the best traders from Germany and Poland)
  • creating our own brokerage house
  • starting our own payment system dedicated to service money transfers, especially HIGH-RISK micro-transactions

In the future, EXP ASSET Ltd. is planning to concentrate not only on training (educational) activities, but also on:
  • investing profits into cryptocurrency mining and markets
  • investing in capital and currency markets
  • investing in IT projects development
  • alternative investments