EXP ASSET product is an educational platform in the field of trading on the capital markets, among others: forex, cruptocurrency and start-ups.

EXP ASSET provides online education from leading traders in Poland and Germany.

Educational components are:

Live Trading Room

The user has access to one of three traders working for EXP ASSET, where analysis and transactions are conducted.

Trading Idea

Every working day in the morning, the user has access to a PDF publication describing possible scenarios for the selected currency pair, index or commodity.

This is an idea of what might happen on the market on a given day. In this way, you can compare the idea of a trader, with your own idea for trading on that day, and later, with the actual result on the market.

Educational Live Webinars

Every Wednesday there are hourly internet trainings with Exp Asset traders, including Patryk KrupiƄski, Daniel Fehring and Agata Janik.
You have the ability to interact with leading traders in Europe and ask questions during the webinar.

Trading Camp

For customers who would like to meet EXP ASSET traders, as well as other entrepreneurs using the platform, the company has developed the Trading Camp Academy. This is an educational and leisure trip, which combines live practice with Exp Asset trader and leisure activities. The full cost of Trading Camp covers EXP ASSET.