General question

A. EXP-ASSET is a company dealing with the generation of trading in financial markets. Mining of cryptocurrencies and arbitrage. In addition, EXP-ASSET invests in Start-UP projects.
A. The company is registered in the United Kingdom under the number 10743547
A. The company earns on the projects described in point 1.a
A. The company generates trading on regulated markets 5 days a week. On markets unregulated 7 days a week. Profits from the investment are paid to the user profiles as long as this continue.
A. Each investment may carry a risk. Our competence is to minimize it and to ensure financial liquidity. As a result, when cryptocurrencies or other activities are banned we have equipment which sale off will cover the money paid.
A. Simply complete the registration form and confirm your email address. Then you can log in to the system.
A. Having more than one account is not allowed.

User packages

A. We offer educational packages starting from 50$ up to 1 million $. See presentation for more info.
A. The funds are paid via BitCoin
A. Predictable rate of return is on average 1% per day.
A. Profits are accrued every 24 hours from each package individually.


A. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.
A. The payout size is not limited.
A. Yes, for every payment we charge a one-time fee of $ 4.
A. No, withdrawals are automatic and do not require any manual confirmation.
A. Payouts are ordered at the time of the withdrawal of the payment. Waiting for funds depends on the number of BTC confirmations. Usually it lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes.
A. In general yes, financial benefits are paid to the wallet profit from which funds can be paid at the end of the cycle. One cycle is one working week.
A. The funds can be withdrawn at any time. Also on the weekend.

System structure

A. Profit Wallet is used to view the financial benefits generated (about 1% calculated from value of your package, for 120 days).
A. Wallet is a place where you withdraw money from. Every friday funds gathered on Profit Wallet are transferred to Wallet. This means you can withdraw your 1% daily return every friday from Wallet. Wallet's purpose is also to gather Binary and Direct bonuses instantly. Every time you get a Binary Bonus and/or Direct Bonus your Wallet is funded with an appropriate amount (10% from Binary's lesser leg and/or 8% from Direct Bonus).
A. Deposits show your active packages. Date of purchase, daily return and how much has already been paid.
A. In the Withdraws tab, you can check history of your withdraws, the amount and the date when it was made.
A. You can withdraw funds from your Wallet at any time. The financial benefits generated for users are paid into the profit Wallet from which every Friday the funds are automatically paid into the Wallet. Binary and Direct bonuses are paid directly to Wallet instantly.
A. You can withdraw money from your Wallet anytime. Please note that there is 4$ fee for each withdrawal.
A. No. Profit Wallet is used only to view the financial benefits generated (about 1% calculated from value of your package, for 120 days). Each friday funds from your Profit Wallet are automatically transfered to your Wallet. You can withdraw funds only from your Wallet.
A. We do not offer such opportunities.


A. Yes. To qualify for the affiliate system you must have at least $ 50 educational package. PV points are accumulated in your organization. When you qualify (invite 2 Active users; one on the top and one on the bottom line) you can get Binary Bonus (10% from the weaker leg). If you have package 1000$ or more, you are able to receive 8% Direct Bonus.
A. We offer our users:
1. BINARNY SYSTEM (10% from PV points accumulated on weaker leg. This bonus is paid to your Wallet instantly).
2. DIRECT BONUS (8% from purchase of your direct referral. You get this 8% each time your direct referral purchases or re-purchases a package (it does not matter if he pays from funds outside system or funds gathered inside the system).
3. WIN INFINITI CAR. Users with 500$ packcgaes or more can qualified to win a car. You just have to accumulate 500,000$ on your weaker leg.
4. WIN WATCH. Users with 500$ packcgaes or more can qualified to win a watch. You just have to accumulate 125,000$ on your weaker leg.
5. WIN TRIP. Users with 500$ packcgaes or more can qualified to win a trip. You just have to accumulate 62,500$ on your weaker leg.
A. No. Only adults (18+ years old).